The Girls

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“Sapphire” – CH Sandylands Eyes of Saphire Dream – a most beautiful blue point girl.Saphy

She has a cheeky personality, and with a face like that usually gets a way with it.
Coming from an award winning heritage her father is GldDblGrCh Shinoto Xanadu Blu and mother Ch Shinoto Krystle Dream,  I feel very privileged to be allowed to have her in my breeding program.  Saphy will be retiring early 2020



“Millie” – GrCH Yeux de Saphir Foreva Purple Reign – the cutest little lilac point girl


Millie is a wee ratbag if trouble is found she will be in the middle of it.  She is the daughter of  GldDblGrCh Shinoto Xanadu Blu & Yeux De Saphir Imperial Indigo.  Proving just because mums markings weren’t great doesn’t mean the kittens wont be.  She has started of her show career well.



“Xande” – Yeux de Saphir Xande Blue China – sassy little blue point

Xande Blue China

The last daughter to be kept from GldDblGrCh Shinoto Xanadu Blu before his retirement to continue on his legacy.  Millie’s full sister and Saphy’s half sister. Cant wait to see her kittens next season.






“Skye” – Yeux de Saphir Toujours Bleu Ciel  -(Foreva Blue Sky)  blue cream tortie


The first daughter to be kept from Obi, she is blue cream tortie point and carries the gene to produce Lilac cream torties  I cant wait to see her kittens next season.





Website Titles Retired

“Indi” – Yeux de Saphir Imperial Indigo – A sweet wee blue point girl Indi

Although she doesn’t have perfect markings has great type and an amazing smoochy personality.  For now she is getting away with everything how could a cute little face like that do anything wrong. She started her breeding life early 2017 with a few mishaps with her first litter, kittens born early on the dvd player wasn’t the intended plan. Fingers crossed next season will go better now she has some idea of what to do.




“Roxy” – PR CH  Yeux de Saphir Roxy’s Quick Silver – a sweet little lilac point girl.Roxy

She has a smoochie personality and loves to be in the middle of everything.  She is the lucky last kitten from Neisha and came into the world with the fantastic work of the vets. Come to visit and she will be first at the door. She didn’t have great success last season loosing her litter of kittens so will now just be kept as the resident pet and head of the welcoming committee and come to shows with us to soak up all the attention.


“Ella” – Milais Alabastre Blue Sky – My first blue cream tortie point. ella relaxing

A wee purr machine loves attention and getting in the way oops I mean “helping” .  Unfortunately Ella wasn’t suitable for breeding from and refused to share her space with anyone else four legged so is now living in a loving home as an only pet.





“Lila” – Belicious Cappucino Choc’licious – Now retired:  a pretty chocolate point,

she has Lila 6mthsgreat eye colour and markings coming from good lines. She is a one person cat preferring to snuggle on the couch watching tv with my daughter and is in the middle of everything going on around the cottage.  2016-2017 kitten season was Lila’s last litter and she now has a fantastic forever home in Ashburton with a family where she is being spoilt rotten.


“Izzy”  – Hessbon Princess Isobella  – Now retired:  A quiet lilac point Izzy came to me as aizzy-kitten.jpg one year old, she is a loving cat one on one but struggled to settle into the multi-cat household, shortly after her 2nd litter she found a lovely home where she is the only cat and is pampered to the max.  



“Neisha” – CH Cornerstone Tanisha Foreva – Now retired:  Neisha is a lilac point,

she has aNeisha sweet face with beautiful eyes and a loving personality, which she has passed on to Prada & Roxy. In her heritage she has great lines with Dad Gold Dbl Gr Ch Tanisha Blu Buccaneer (IMP AUS) supreme exibit at Nationals in 2008. A very special thanks to Sandra Broomfield for allowing me to have Neisha to start my breeding programme with.   Neisha did very well on the show bench as a kitten in 2013 and as an entire adult in 2014 she had many Top Ten placings and gained her title of Champion.   She also came away with several special awards for Best Eye colour and Best Temperament, finishing the season at #34 in NZ for the Enitre Longhair section.  Neisha had complications during delivery of her last litter and as a result can unfortunately have no further kittens. She will forever be the First Lady of Castlebrook and hold a very special place in my heart. Neish is now a lady of very spoilt leisure and lives with one of her sons Oscar.


Website Titles In Memory

“Prada” – Yeux de Saphir Prada’s Purple Reign – a gorgeous lilac point,

she is the first girl prada smilingto be kept from my breeding programme. Her markings have come through nicely, she has her mother Neisha’s eyes and her father Will’s wonderful tail and a fabulous personality that would melt anyone’s heart.  Prada was mum to some very gorgeous kittens.    In February 2017 it was with great sadness I announced the passing of Yeux de Saphir Prada’s Purple Reign aged 3 years 1 month.  The first kitten I breed, mother of Indi and sister of Roxy.   After a very sudden decline in weight and enthusiasm it was discovered she had a very rare form of cancer affecting her kidney and ureter, it was very aggressive and fast forming, the only option was PTS. She purred and was giving kisses to the end.  Rest in peace my sweet.  For those that are the proud families of her kittens and siblings please be rest assured it is not hereditary it is not something they could “catch” from her or be pre-disposed to. Your babies are now more precious than ever limited editions.   And a very big thanks to the Vets and Nurses at Our Vets St Albans for your care and compassion it is greatly appreciated.

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