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We managed to get to a couple of shows before covid put paid to best laid plans

16th May 2021 Longhaired Cat Breeders
First cat show of the season, seems like a lifetime since the last one in 2019.
Millie: despite her protest of being bathed yesterday and chomping my hand, redeemed herself today. She finished the day with a Breeders Award of Merit, top 10 placings of 3rd, 5th, 5th and 10th, 5x best of colour and Best eye colour.
Elliot: his first show and the youngest kitten there only scraping in by 2 days. A judges choice award, top 10 placing of 10th, 5x best of colour. He loved the attention but was ready for a sleep.
13th June 2021 Canterbury All Breeds
Millie did well 3 top ten placings 6th and 2x 10th a best temperament. Now just a few points off her next title.
Grand-daughter Alizah came with me and enjoyed her morning talking to all the cats and having cuddles. Was very well behaved with her inside voice.
26th June 2021 Sacred Temple Birman only show.
Millie top 10 placings of 2x 9th out of 39 adult entire cats. A best groomed. She is now a Double Grand Champion.Elliot top 10 placing 5th out of 18 kittens also top entire kitten in 4-6month group. Came home with 2 trophies and a bag of food amongst other things.


All of my cats won first prize for keeping us company during lockdown

No official shows were held in NZ


Canterbury All Breeds Show 9th June

Awesome day at the show

Obi’s first show brought home his champion status.Obi show 090619
Placed in top 10 – 5th, 7th & 10th and                  Best of colour x4.

Millie did me very proud a breeders award if merit! Top 10 placings – 6th, 6th, 9th & 9th. Best eye colour and Best of colour x4. And is now Grand Champion

Xande’s first show
Top 10 placing runner up best in show and 10th. 2x best eye colour. Best of colour x3 and 1x 2nd

And Roxy top cat in the cat patting station loved all the attention


Yeux de Saphir Foreva Purple Regin

30th June 2018 – Sacred Temple Birman Show WellingtonMillie STCC

Millie was an absolute star coming 7th Overall
Top ten 2nd and 3rd
Best of colour 2x 1st, 2x 2nd and 1x 3rd
Best groomed
Best personality
Handlers choice award
The best part of the day – 2 breeders awards of merit up against 26 other birmans in her class is totally awesome to achieve and great to have Rosemary there to see her lines of lilacs carrying on. 

10th June 2018 – Canterbury All Breeds Show

Another great day at Canterbury All Breeds show today.
Millie did us proud with some great comments from the judges.
Top ten placing 4th, 2x 7th and 8th
Best of breed placings 3rd, 2x 5th and 6th
Best of colour 3x 1st and 1x 2nd
Special Awards best eye colour, best groomed and best temperament

3rd June 2018 – National Cat Show Wellington Millie Nats 2018

4x best of colour
1x 4th best of breed (out of 16 birmans)
1x overall best temperament (out of 30 cats)
Along with her Champion Title

2018 May LHCBA show

Millie 3Millie had a great first show, the oldest kitten in her section she placed well 1x 5th, 2x 7th & 2x 8th, along with best of colour x5

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Yeux de Saphir Ombre de Bleue Rose – Shadow (Prada’s Last Kitten)Shadow show ribbons

 2017 June  CABCC National Show Top ten Placings – 6th in National Ring, plus a 2nd, 3rd and 5th in her other rings.  Best of breed x3 and a 2nd best of breed in the neuter/spay kitten section.

Thanks to Ashleigh and little Siena for letting me borrow her back for the weekend, one little girl was so happy to see her kitten come home tonight.

  Shadow Nationals ring.jpg   Shadow Nationals 3rd place   Shadow Nationals 2017

2017 July Nelson Cat club Show

Shadow (aka miss hissy pants) had an amazing day Top ten placings 2nd, 3x 6th, 2x 8th,
Best of breed 1st and 5x 2nd, Best of colour x6.  Shadow has also achieved her Premier Certificate as an adult (same as champion cert but for nueter/spay section)
thanks to Ashleigh and Siena for letting her come on the trip she has a nice new bed to bring home.

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2017 June CABCC National Show – Her first show 

4x best of colour no top ten placings but 33 kittens in her section.Ella on show bench

2017 July 20th annual Sacred Temple Birman Show

No top ten placings with 20 kittens in her section but came home with 6x best if colour a trophy for best blue tortie kitten (has not been won since 2002) an award for best personality. And a breeders award of merit !!
2017 July Nelson Cat Club Show

A great day Ella had her first Top ten placing 8th, best of breed 4th, Best of colour x6

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Claude started off his showing career as a kitten.

March 2016 was his usual charming self, Top ten placings 1st, 4th & 2x 6th, a breeders award of merit, best eye colour, best groomed and best temperament.

May 2016 19 in the kitten section 5th best in show, a 2nd & a 3rd best in breed 2nd best of colour

July 2016  Sacred Temple Birman show in Wellington – Claude has done so well top ten 1st 2nd 8th and 2x 10th a breeders award of merit, award for gloves and gauntlets. His last show as a kitten.

Aug 2016 LHCB  Claude now has title of Champion!!! Best of breed 2x 2nd 1x 3rd. Top 10 placings 1x 4th & 2x 8th.

Sept 2016 CABCC show – Best of breed 2x 3rd. Top 10 placings 1x 8th & 1x 9th Best of colour 4x 1st and finished the season with his Champion certificate and starting on the points towards his next title.

2017 June CABCC National Show –  Saphy & Claude no top ten placings but 29 cats in their section, both behaved and slept most of the day.

Claude Nationals 2017.jpg

2017 July 20th annual Sacred Temple Birman Show

Claude prizes6th overall – Top ten placings 1st best in show and a 2nd runner up best in show out of a section of 28 cats, special awards for gloves & gauntlets and grooming came home with enough food to feed himself for the next month or so, ribbons and a trophy!!

2017 July Nelson Cat Club Show

Great day in Nelson for Claude
Top ten placings 4th and 8th along with a breeders award of merit, Best of breed 1st 2x 3rd and 5th.  Also a special judges award from Australian judge Sandy Gemmell .  He is just 2 points off his next title.

2018 May LHCBA  Show

Finally his elusive few points, Claude has come away for the show with his Grand Champion title.  Claude had a fun show once again devouring judges toys – oops

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March 2015 Sapphy made a great start to her show career, living up to her name with 4 best eye colour awards. Best of breed 2nd, 2x 3rd and a 4th.Top 10 placings 2x 5th, 8th and 9th.

June 2015 Another great show best results to date, Best of Breed 1st!!!!!!! 2nd, 3rd & a 4th, Top Ten 3rd!!!! 5th & 10th

July 2015  Sacred Temple Birman Show:  After a long day of travel by car and ferry up to Wellington she did very well in the show coming away with top 10 placings from all 5 judges 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th and 8th along with special awards for best eye colour and best gloves & gauntlets

July 2015 Longhaired Breeders Show: Top 10 – 2x 6th and 10th Best in breed 2nd and 3rd Both in the kitten section for the last time with 16 kittens to compete against.

Sept 2015 CABCC show Saphy finished the show season having attaned her “Champion” status in her first show as an adult.

She missed the first show of the 2016 show season due to still having kittens

May 2016 LHCB Saphy achieved best temperament, 2nd best of colour.

July 2016 Sacred temple birman show in Wellington a big category but still came away with top ten 7th

Aug 2016 LHCB Best of Breed 1x 1st, 1x 2nd and 1x 4th Top 10 placings 1x 2nd 1x 7th 1x 10th and a best temperament

Sept 2016 CABCC show – Best of Breed 1x 4th 1x 5th Top 10 placings 1x 8th 1x 9th Best of Colour 1x 1st 2x 2nd 1x 3rd and finished the season about half way towards her Grand Champion title

2017 June CABCC National Show  Saphy & Claude no top ten placings but 29 cats in their section, both behaved and slept most of the day.

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Show Results – March 2015 Roxy did well at her first show, coming home with a Special Award for Best Temperament along with Best of Breed 2nd, a 3rd and 2x 4ths. Top 10 placings of 4th, 7th, 8th and 10th.

Roxy at showJune 2015 A good show Best of Colour 2x 1st and 2x 2nd, Best of Breed 2nd, 3rd and 5th. Top ten 6th and 10th, Best Eye colour award and a Handlers Choice Award, 18 kittens in their category so very pleasing results.

July 2015 Sacred Temple Birman Show: she travelled very well to Wellington and I’m so proud of Roxy awarded Reserve Supreme Exhibit (trophy) along with top ten placings of 1st!!, 3x 4th and 5th special awards for best groomed and best gloves & gauntlets and a judges choice award (trophy) and yes I cried.

July 2015 Longhaired Breeders Show: Top 10 – 2x 5th, 8th and 10th, Best in breed x2 plus the best award judges choice award from Judy Wereta (Roxy’s motto if you cant beat them smooch the judge and act cute)

Sept 2015 CABCC show Roxy was her usual charming self and finished the show season off on a high when I was awarded my first Breeders Award of Merit from Australian judge Judy Lewis although not awarded a top 10 placing Judy said she saw great potential in young Roxy, as Judy was the first breeder to introduce Birmans to Australia many years ago I take that as a great compliment.

Roxy missed the first show of the 2016 show season due to still having kittens

May 2016 LHCB Roxy came home with a 9th best in show, 2nd best of colour

July 2016 Sacred Temple Birman Show in Wellington a large section but Roxy still achieved a certificate for Best Eye Colour

March 2017 CABCC Show a great day at the first show of the year for Roxy – she came home with her Champion title along with best eye colour, best groomed, 1x 5th and 3x 6th best in show, 4x best of colour.


May 2014 Prada did herself proud for her first show as the youngest kitten in the show she gained Best in Breed 3rd, Top Ten placing 8th, Special Awards 2x Best Eye Colour and a Best Temperament. Her 2nd show June 2014 still a little dot compared to the other kittens she came home with Best of Breed 4th, Top Ten placings 7th & 9th, Special Awards for Best Eye Colour, Best Temperament and Handlers Special Award. Prada finished her first show season on a high coming home from the Sept 2014 show with Best of Breed 2nd, Top Ten placing 9th, Special Awards for Best Eye Colour and Best Groomed.

In 2015 Prada has continued to come along to shows although not a lot of top ten placings and large entries in the adult section she has enjoyed herself  June 2015 Best of colour 4x 2nd, Best of Breed 5th was a big category with 23, but she behaved and had good comments.  July 2015 Prada came with us to Wellington for the Sacred Temple Birman show although she didn’t place she had a great trip.


Neisha did very well on the show bench as a kitten in 2013 and as an entire adult in 2014 she had many Top Ten placings and gained her title of Champion. She also came away with several special awards for Best Eye colour and Best Temperament, finishing the season at #34 in NZ for the Enitre Longhair section.


For her first time in the show ring Sept 2013 she came home with Best in Breed 4 placings of 1st for her age group along with a lot of comments of what a fab personality she has.


His first show outing in Sept 2013 went well including a nice big lick for one of the judges, he acheived a Best in Breed 2nd and Best in Show 7th placing.