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Welcome  to  CastleBrook  Cottage 

the  home  of
Yeux De Saphir Birmans 

specialising in
Blue, Lilac, Cream Points
and Blue-Cream Tortie Points

A quick introduction of myself I'm Alannah Jones,
I live just out of Christchurch on a rural property and am an NZCF registered Birman Breeder. I love living in North Canterbury with my 8 birmans, 2 dogs and 2 horses.
I first fell in love with birmans at a cat show in Christchurch about 14 years ago I went to look at the persians and totally fell in love with a Birman kitten that was being taken to the show bench for judging. I soon found out about the breed and arranged for my first kitten to join our family.
You could say I was bitten by the birman bug -
one is never enough. 

Yeux De Saphir (pronounced You-De-Saf-Air) is French for Eyes of Sapphire, one of the most striking features of the breed.

Enjoy looking through my website and if you have any queries please feel free to make contact.

Our Pets

My first 2 birmans ZodiacCatz Captian Bellamy blue point & Grd Ch Shinoto Yura Yogi Bear lilac point both 10 years old, watching me out the window watering the garden
The Cottage

Built around 1880 in Springfield Rd,  
St Albans, the cottage was relocated to it's current site in 2007 and sits in a quiet rural setting 30 minutes from Northwood 
Last updated 31 May 2017